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c’est la chanson des rêveurs

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I’ve had Poulenc’s Sanglots in my head since last night.  I would love to sing that piece again, now that my technique is so much improved since I last tackled/massacred it in April.  I don’t know what captivates me more: the poem itself, or the musical setting.

I wrote myself into an exhausted stupor on friday night.  and then slept for eleven hours.  kind of ridiculous.

ran a 5K fun run/race this morning.  I wasn’t running it for time, as I haven’t been training in the slightest, but I forgot to ask them what my time was, since of course I’m curious.  I can’t imagine it was much under 25 minutes–I would say I was running 8-minute miles at best.  which is frustrating because I was running so well this summer before I got injured.  I still want to do a 10K in the spring, though, I’m much more suited for longer distances.  it was nice to race again though, even if I wasn’t gunning for any specific time.  the energy is so great in road races, the air almost crackles.

I’m going to need all of the energy I can get–this is the last full week of classes before thanksgiving break.  and it’s going to be an insane one.  just need to keep my eye on the prize.  easier said than done, I know.


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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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