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I’m refraining from posting an entire “year in review” survey…especially difficult since I already posted one on facebook and would only need to copy & paste.  but truly, nobody cares what my thoughts are on the best movie of 2009 or if I kept my new year’s resolution–although, for the record, I don’t make resolutions for the new year.  and I only saw two new movies, which was more than I had seen in the past five years combined, and neither of them were even remotely laudable.

so instead of a trite survey, I decided I would really challenge myself to think for a bit.  especially since I got snowed out of my yoga class, and my home practice got cut horribly short by a puppy who thinks that down-dog is, in actuality, a human jungle gym.

9 triumphs of 2009:
running three 5K road races
surrendering myself to the practice of yoga
trusting my treatment team
finding joy in singing again
opening myself up to being loved
discovering a new path for grad school
learning to reach out for help
beginning to respect and appreciate my body
committing to recovery

10 wishes for 2010:
give at least as much love as I receive
get into grad school
put together and sing a wonderful senior recital
strengthen/deepen my yoga practice
run a 10K
learn how to cook, even if it’s just a bit
enjoy my last semester of undergrad
make it through another year with my knee intact!
start writing more regularly again
be more forgiving with myself

completely subject to changes/edits/revisions!

project 365 commences tomorrow!  and I actually realized that it will be, in reality, project 366…2010 is a leap year.  regardless…let’s see how it goes!



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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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