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things they didn’t tell me in treatment


(or if they did, i sure as hell didn’t listen)

  • coffee really is better with half & half than with skim milk.
  • experiment with your ice cream!  throw stuff in it!  pretzels and peanut butter are tried and true adventures.
  • that being said: having ice cream for breakfast once in a blue moon, because you and your girlfriend want it, is not the end of the world.  in fact, it’s really fun.  especially when you eat it straight from the carton, while in bed.
  • laughing until your stomach hurts, playing on the jungle gym even though you’re 26 years old, tickle wars, and tackle hugs are the best calorie-burners.
  • no matter what you think or how you feel about your body, i guarantee your partner/lover/soul mate thinks you’re beautiful.  even if you just went out to dinner or ate a scary food or didn’t go to the gym today and would swear that you got spontaneously obese.  trust me–through the eyes of love (and honestly, in reality/outside of your distortions) you haven’t changed a bit, and you’re just as beautiful as you were before your freak-out began.
  • and long those same line: your scars aren’t as hideous as you think they are.
  • all of those foods you’ve convinced yourself you hate?  try them again.  with an open mind and a light heart.  i’d bet my non-existent bank account that you’ll actually enjoy a lot of it.
  • find something that makes you feel beautiful, and do it every day.  even if it makes you look like a tool (aka, dancing around the house blasting sheryl crow and singing/dancing along).
  • it’s okay to not eat everything on your plate, if you’re honestly not hungry any more.  that’s what tupperware and refrigerators are for.
  • sometimes you have to just stop the fighting and the waiting and the impatience and just…trust and let go.

Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “things they didn’t tell me in treatment

  1. First of all : Thank you from the deepest of my heart for your comment, it touched me and I loved the quote from your teacher ^^ It is written down in my diary, haha!

    This was such a fun little post – wonder if treatment would be easier if they revealed these beautiful secrets, eh? 😉
    To have ice cream for breakfast sounds like a great idea actually. Often I find myself thinking why I do not get my freak on more when it comes to food. Try more, laugh more, enjoy more – if not now, then when? Food is my medicine, and it is up to me how delicious my medicine is to be!

    Keep shining, champion!

    • hahahaha i seriously wish i knew all of these things–or more correctly, *believed* them. : ) recovery is allll about the learning, i guess!

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. And, yes, I LOVE yoga. I really want to get certified to teach–but waiting on that for a little bit. Yoga has played such a huge role in my recovery.
    I absolutely love your list! I laughed about the one about putting other foods in ice cream–many a similar moments in treatment….

    • i want to eventually get certified as well! after i’ve been practicing another couple of years, if i still feel compelled to teach, i would love to get certified. it’s been invaluable to me regaining my life!

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