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in an effort to dig myself out of the sinewy recesses of my mind, i shall instead regale you with all of the fun things i have learned since moving to kentucky.

1. it’s hot.  really freaking hot.
2. and humid, that too.
3. if you’re going to go running, do it before 8AM or after 11PM.
4. don’t look at all of the people out running between 8AM and 11PM and think, “well if they can then so can i!” they live here; you just moved here from new york.  ergo, no you can’t.
5. panera does not sell iced coffee.  they have iced tea, and they have sweet tea.  if you want iced coffee, you need to pour yourself a cup of hot coffee, let it cool, and then add ice.  it’s a process.  learn to deal.
6. people (okay, males) seem to think it is okay, appropriate, and maybe even endearing to cat-call out their car/truck windows as they drive past.  no matter how angry this makes you…throwing your phone after them will only result in (a)the loss of your phone, and (b)having to pay for the back window you just busted.
7. people will talk to you.  a lot.  random people, whom you have never met and will probably never meet again.  they just like to be friendly.  and if you play along, you’ll find that it’s actually quite enjoyable.
8. according to everyone down here, you talk funny.  and fast.
9. did i mention that it’s hot?
10. and humid?


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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