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big little things

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i’ve realized that in the past week, so many little, wonderful things have happened that have made me smile or laugh…and i haven’t taken time to write them down or even share them with anybody, because before i know it i’m on to the next thing, the next errand, and more often than not, something stressful sweeps in and takes over.

you can lose touch with a lot of beauty that way.

so today i was trying to focus on the little things, that beautiful things.

the butterfly that flew alongside me while i was running today.
the neighbor’s sprinkler that gave me an impromptu shower while i was running!
the street in lexington named Pink Pigeon Parkway.
the cashier who said he like my TWLOHA shirt, and the subtle acknowledgment we then had for one another.
my new yoga bag.
the soreness in my shoulders from yesterday’s yoga class–my first class in almost a month.
the best snack EVER: a wheat wrap with cream cheese and grape jelly.

little things i may, on another day, have brushed aside or forgotten about in the shuffle of the day.

and, just because: i took this picture last night.  i look terrified and i don’t know why.  but i kind of rather like it.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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