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fun(fact)-day monday!


i need to dispel some of the rage from my last post. maybe i’ll even remember to do this on a weekly basis!

i love fun facts, because no matter how weird you think yours are, inevitably there will be one person who has the same quirk, characteristic, or oddball trait. so here are some fun facts!

  • i’m adopted.
  • i’m certified to teach yoga and indoor cycling. i love doing them both, but for vastly different reasons.
  • my favorite crayola crayon, hands down, is cerulean.
  • i’m short (5’3″).
  • i detest wearing jeans, and the only shorts you will ever find me in are of the running or soffe variety.
  • i have one tattoo and my nose is pierced.
  • when people use improper grammar while speaking to me, i silently correct them in my head.
  • eyeballs freak me out – one of my greatest fears is being poked in the eye.

okay that’s enough fun fact-ing for today! time to re-freeze my veggies –



Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

3 thoughts on “fun(fact)-day monday!

  1. I’m pretty sure we could be friends…lol, not to sounds creepy! Cerulean is definitely my favorite crayon and I too and deathly scared of eye stuff…I can’t even put eye drops in…

    • yay, let’s be friends!! haha totally not creepy. and yea, i can’t wear contacts! i got them once and spent three hours in the bathroom trying to put them in, and then just gave up and resigned myself to glasses forever.

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