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gym etiquette 101.


a few days ago i wrote this post about pedestrian etiquette. and since today is a day where i spend 2+ hours of my morning at the gym, an hour of which is spent lifting,i thought maybe i should write a sister post – gym etiquette 101.

  1. this will show up on every gym etiquette list ever created so i would be remiss to not include it: wipe down your machine. just…do it. gross.
  2. we all rest between sets. but try to refrain from resting + texting + watching five minutes of the show on the TV behind you. we only have so many benches, friend. what should have been a 45-second rest between shoulder press sets has now taken up nearly ten minutes.
  3. don’t drop your mother effing weights. nobody gives a shit that you just did two bicep curls with a 50-lb. dumbbell, and we know that half the reason you’re dropping it like a buffoon is to show off how heavy it is and how loud of a thud it makes. you know what else you’re showing us? that you don’t have control over your damn weights. to steal from the planet fitness ad, if you like to “lift things up and put them down,” that’s fine. but PUT THEM DOWN, don’t frigging let them go and make it sound like we’re being bombed.
  4. easy on the grunting. i totally do the strong exhale thing, especially those last reps where you’re trying to make your muscles do things that will make you unable to put your eyeliner on tomorrow morning (yes, it’s happened). but the grunting? please, just…refrain.
  5. i understand that when you’re working opposing muscle groups instead of taking rests, you may need two sets of dumbbells. totally fine. but for the love of all that is holy, don’t un-rack eight damn dumbbells at once. because really, let’s be serious. unless you’re kali, there’s no way you could possibly use all eight of those at one time, or even within a small time frame. leave a few on the rack for the rest of us. we promise we’ll return them.
  6. and speaking of which – re-rack your damn weights. this includes weight plates. and this is especially important for smith machines and squat racks. i am 5’3″ and find it exceedingly impossible to un-rack the 45-lb. plates that 6’2″ guy left on the bar after he got done doing squats. the bar is almost over my head; un-racking that shit involves an 18″ plyo box and a lot of muttered obscenities. so just…please, re-rack your weights.
  7. don’t spit in the water fountain. yes, this needs to be said.

anyone else care to offer suggestions? if i have enough i may have to post a follow-up!


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “gym etiquette 101.

  1. This needs to be printed out and posted all over the walls of my gym, because seriously, nothing kills my workout buzz like popping a squat on a bench drenched with… swass.
    To add on, people need to match the weights of their dumbbells to the little corresponding number on the rack, because fixing that mess is a real struggle haha. Great post!

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