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fun facts friday!

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okay so i originally had “monday fun(facts)-day,” but after having been around the blog (har-har) for a week or so, i have decided to regroup and restructure! mondays for a lot of folks, especially my running crowd, are “motivation mondays.” i like this. i shall do this.

so fridays will (for now) be dubbed “fun fact fridays!” and like i said – this is mostly because every time i post weird and fun facts about myself, i make new friends because i get comments from people saying that they have similar fun facts! and i like friends. so here we go!

  • i had a really bad accident almost 8 years ago and ruptured my right ACL as well as tore through about 80% of my MCL. i lost my health insurance before i could get it surgically repaired. to this day my orthopedist (small town, and my mom was a nurse and saw him a lot) calls me his walking miracle. (dramatic? yes. but he’s a sports doctor in said small town. i was probably the most miraculous thing he saw that decade.)
  • i love breakfast food. many times i eat it for more than breakfast.
  • even though i teach barefoot five days a week, i am terrible about foot upkeep. i only paint my toenails if i’m wearing open-toed shoes to a really serious event. and my calluses are pretty awful. in short, i have ugly feet.
  • i love old navy flip-flops and have, over the past ten years, probably owned them in every color but pink.
  • i run in brooks ravenna 2s. now that the ravenna 3s have dropped i’m trying to buy all of the remaining r2s in my size.
  • i passed my master’s thesis defense this past tuesday!

what’s your favorite breakfast food? have any good recipes? for my runners out there – what’s your go-to shoe?


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