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motivation monday: from the heart.


with exception of my MRI last week, and my surgery on thursday, the necklace i had made of my mom’s engagement stone never leaves my neck. which means i wear it running. to keep the pendant from getting tangled i swing it to the back and tuck it in my sports bra, but i never take it off.

i’m not going to lie and say that my mom was my biggest running supporter or something like that. i didn’t run scholastically – although she did come to all of my volleyball games – and when i started, my parents just thought it was kind of weird. and they always worried about my knee. so when i came home from my first 5k a few summers ago wearing a medal, they were rightfully shocked (as was i).

before the race yesterday, my friend’s dad said to me, ‘she’ll be right there with you.’ and sure enough, right around Mile 8 when i wanted to pack up and go home, i muttered, ‘shit ma, help a girl out.’

not atypical. charm is not my forte.

but the point is: the best goals are those reached with the heart. nobody ekes out that last rep or pushes to the finish line of a grueling race on physical prowess alone. if it were just about the body, lots more people would succeed. but the heart, the fight – that’s where the champions are made.

so before you think, ‘i can’t lift that much,’ or ‘i can’t run that fast/that far,’ or simply ‘i can’t do that,’ know that it’s not as much about doing as you may think. believe. find the heart. the doing will follow.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “motivation monday: from the heart.

  1. Cheers to all of this. Hell, two years ago I couldn’t even run a mile on the road without feeling like death. Now I’m chugging along and planning for my first marathon. We can do amazing things 🙂

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