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lights will guide you home.


it’s been five days since my surgery. and the events in those five days, plus a conversation had in pre-op, have had me seriously thinking about where i feel ‘at home.’

the past few days have shown me just how unbelievably loved and supported i am here. by faculty, colleagues, students, and even just the nurses at the surgery center who kept calling to check up on me when they found out the terrible reaction i had to the nerve block.

people have gone out of their way to check on me, bring me things, drive me places, and just generally let me know they’re available. in less than two years in lexington, i have been blessed with so many wonderful people.

as i use the next few weeks to weigh options regarding my immediate future – do i step away from academia or jump right into my PhD, what kind of jobs should i focus on, where will i live – i’m acutely aware that circumstances can change in a heartbeat. an option i didn’t even know existed may present itself and be precisely what i need.

but every decision has consequences.

where you thought you would find your home may have become a stranger’s living room. in fact, home might be the unexpected – you just haven’t made your way there yet.



Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “lights will guide you home.

  1. I feel like home is wherever you feel happiest, you know? It’s just…somewhere safe. But I know you’ll pick whatever is right for you 🙂

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