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motivation monday: let’s get loud

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i think i would be rather safe to say that the vast majority of people use music as a workout motivator, at least sometimes. having worked as a group fitness instructor for the past two years, including a spinning instructor, music has been incredibly important – nobody wants a spin class with crappy music.

when i started adding mileage to my training – particularly, when my long runs started to stretch over ten miles – i got crafty with my music. not so much the choices, but the placement of songs. mile 8 of an 11-mile run was a huge mental wall for me – as a result, i would pack my playlist at the expected time of that mile, give or take a few minutes, with my current favorite songs.

i used the same idea with spin classes. quick flat? fast beat. long climb? bass bass bass. my music choices have definitely evolved, and i find myself using fewer tracks of heavy bass and more tunes that are a bit more relaxed, more gritty in the rock and roll sense.

so this week’s post is going to be a sampling of my favorite motivational tracks! check them out on youtube, and i hope some of them might end up on your ipod!

fast tracks – great for quick flats or sprint intervals on a spin bike, as well as tempo runs, 800s, or mile intervals. also great to insert into long run playlists to inject a little fire if you tend to get lazy legs.

  • ‘runaway baby’ by bruno mars
  • ‘run’ by gnarls barkley
  • ‘waka waka (time for africa) by shakira
  • ‘move back’ by 5five
  • ‘bang bang’ by k’naan ft. adam levine
  • ‘black betty’ by spiderbait
  • ‘bonnie & clyde’ by destra garcia
  • ‘trust’ by prince

pumped up bass – perfect for heavy climbs on a bike, and just generally great for getting your blood pumping and the energy up.

  • ‘calle ocho’ by pitbull
  • ‘fuego’ by pitbull
  • ‘pour some sugar on me’ by def leppard
  • ‘cobrastyle’ by the teddybears
  • ‘blame it on the boom boom’ by black stone cherry
  • ‘my body’ by young the giant

mixed bag – these are a bit middle of the road, but i love them and they’re frequent fliers on my playlists.

  • ‘triple double’ by girl talk
  • ‘this is the remix’ by girl talk
  • ‘this is how a heart breaks’ by rob thomas
  • ‘i want you back’ by the jackson five
  • ‘it’s a beautiful day’ by u2
  • ‘hard to handle’ by the black crowes
  • ‘ain’t no rest for the wicked’ by cage the elephant



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