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two weeks off the table: are we having fun yet?


i’m officially two weeks post-op. looking at the post i made at my one week mark, it’s nice to see that some things have changed and that i’ve made some progress.

  • walking around with one crutch rather than two makes everything so. much. easier. namely, i can carry things in my right hand rather than in my bra.
  • i’ve been having terrible IT band and hamstring pain (on the non-surgical side of my hamstring) and we can’t get rid of the swelling in my knee, and as a result i’m allowed to unlock my brace and bend my knee when i’m seated. who ever thought bending one’s knee would lead to such excitement?
  • insomnia is a terrible, terrible thing.
  • i will probably cry at every single PT session. occasionally it will be from pain, but usually just from frustration. but i’m 3/3 so far with the tears. way to play it cool.
  • holy crap jenn, did it really have to take you twelve days to look in the mirror and realize your eyebrows were a train wreck?!
  • i’m cultivating a taste for ensure. i don’t even know who i am any more.
  • it still sucks. a lot. but it gets better. even though the PT exercises hurt like hell and you’re constantly afraid of injuring yourself and the hamstring and ITB pain is even worse than the knee pain…it will get better. still. again.

Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

3 thoughts on “two weeks off the table: are we having fun yet?

  1. Does your other leg hurt just from over compensation?? And I think I would cry at PT stuff too! And mostly from frustration..that’s usually when my tears come!

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