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i’m itching for a change. sadly, i just cut all of my hair off less than a month ago. i don’t want to dye or highlight it because i’m (a) lazy and (b) cheap, so the upkeep required for hair coloration is just not up my alley.

the only piercing i have ever wanted is my nose, and i’ve got it.

i would, however, love to get another tattoo. i’ve been pondering it for a while. my mom used to send me cards all the time once i moved to kentucky – random ones, for no particular reason, and also for halloween and valentine’s day and other little holidays. i saved them all. i want to bring one into a tattoo artist and get my mom’s handwriting – “love ya, momma” – tattooed on either my ribs or my foot. (i was also thinking the back of my neck, but i already have a tattoo in a place i can’t see – it’s behind my ear, and half the time i forget which ear it’s actually behind – and while i like it well enough, i want to be able to see this one.)

really i’m just itching to get out of me. do something that will make me feel altered, unlike myself, at least for a little while. sure, i’ll always come back to being me. hell, i hate my haircut, and if i don’t get it touched up soon i’m going to resemble a dandelion puff with eyes, but it served a damn good purpose at the time: got me out of a rut; put me in control of my life, even if it was just my hair; and doubled (tripled?) as a locks of love donation.

i just need a change, need to be a little less me for a while.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “chameleon.

  1. I need a change too. but mine will be more of a BIG change soon. Like changing states or something similar. But speaking of tattoos, I think it would be really cool to get the one of your mom’s handwriting! That sounds awesome. I think it would look cool on the ribs. One of my tattoos is on my hurt a lot though! I’ve been itching for another tattoo or piercing recently too! lol

    • yea i’ve heard rib tattoos are painful. but i know that foot tats fade really quickly, so that’s a serious drawback. hopefully i’ll make a decision soon lol.

      • I also have a foot tat lol, but its on the side of my heel. So far that one has been the one that’s faded the least. But then again, its the heel and not the top of the foot, so maybe the top fades fast

      • really?? huh! i don’t think what i want would fit there, though. bummer. plus i’m just super indecisive and my dad HATES ink on women – he even thinks the teeny one i have behind my ear is trashy, and i had it for a YEAR before he noticed it haha. so i’m still thinking on it!

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