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fun fact friday!

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let’s go, let’s go!

  • i prefer the gluten-free rice krispies to regular. i don’t actually eat a gluten-free diet, i just accidentally bought the wrong rice krispies a few months ago, and realized i liked them WAY better.
  • as a result of four years as an undergraduate voice major/lots of recitals, i have an obscene number of tea-length dresses.
  • i bent my knee to 110 degrees yesterday in PT – a 20-degree improvement on last week and only 10 degrees from where i need to be at my 4-week post-op appointment on june 4th!
  • i have an entire crate full of journals in my attic. almost two decades’ worth!
  • my birthday is sunday.
  • when i came out of anesthesia, the first thing i did (once i realized that i had in fact already had my surgery, and they they weren’t just waking me up after the nerve block) was ask for my nose ring back so i could put it in so my piercing wouldn’t close.

Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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