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three weeks off the table: this is getting old.

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i can’t believe that my surgery was three weeks ago. i know i’ve made progress, but some days are just so damn frustrating! here’s this past week, in a nutshell:

  • while i thought being reduced to one crutch was awesome, having been cleared to walk with no crutches is way cooler. i have TWO hands to carry things! it’s fabulous.
  • one of my mantras for the past three weeks, when doing strengthening exercises or bearing weight, has been “toes back, squeeze the quad.” well that has now backfired, as all that “toes back”-ing has led to a severe tightness in my calf. and although it seems silly to be derailed by a basic muscular knot after having had major joint reconstruction…this mofo hurts. we couldn’t do jack crap in PT yesterday because the pain was so bad. talk about lame.
  • my swelling has gone down so much that i can see my kneecap!! i still have a slight case of grapefruit knee, but my patella is at least easily discernible.
  • now that it’s been a full 21 days since surgery, i need to start eating normally. my stomach has been a mess and my appetite pretty crappy, but i have to start forcing it a little bit. my blood sugar is a hot mess. and i may have puked at PT yesterday – mostly from the pain, but blood sugar more than likely played a part. puking at PT…not cute.
  • i see people who are 8 or 10 weeks post-op doing all of these cool strength and agility exercises and i am so jealous. i want to be one of the cool kids. yes, i’m envying people doing squats. don’t judge.
  • my feet are starting to heal from the derby half marathon. in fact, they’re beginning to show signs of normal, human foot-ness. this is new and weird. i’m slightly mourning the loss of my runner’s feet.

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