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fun fact friday!


this week’s fun facts brought to you by insomnia and pain meds. again.

  • if it weren’t for marriages, my family would be a bunch of guys. my dad is one of three boys, and of his ten other cousins there is one lone female. the family reunion photo of that generation is always a hoot.
  • when i was on a school trip in 10th grade, i had a pb&j sandwich for lunch one day. i hadn’t had one in years, and became obsessed soon thereafter. pre-surgery i would eat peanut butter at least once a day.
  • the first thing i was told by the other girls when i got to PHP at renfrew was to never order the salad at lunch because it was unnecessarily huge. i never ordered it, but saw tons of girls try and only one actually finished it.
  • when i first started having seizures i didn’t tell anybody because i couldn’t explain them and thought i was going crazy. then i had one in the hall in front of my friend she made me go to the school nurse. the first thing she did was insist i should stop doing drugs. i was 16 and didn’t even know what pot looked like.
  • favorite music artists, off the top of my head: frank sinatra (all day, every day); ani difranco; the dixie chicks (but only in small doses); joss stone; jason mraz; john mayer; tyrone wells; sanders bohlke

Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “fun fact friday!

  1. I come from a family of men and it’s always funny to me when a non-relative says something “obscene” and another says “There’s a lady here!” and one of my relatives just starts cracking up laughing. When you come from a family of guys, nothing really phases you that often.

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