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four weeks off the table: d-day

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the four-week mark is when i should be able to do an assortment of range of motion activities. we set these goals on Day 1 of PT. they are, of course, on my mind today.

  • being listened to by a doctor is sometimes enough to make the situation immensely better. it took me five days to get somebody to listen to me about the pain i was having. once somebody finally did, it didn’t matter that the pain was still there. what mattered was that somebody responded like they gave a shit.
  • that being said, the Neurontin hasn’t kicked in yet, and while i’m hopeful, i’m also cautious to be so, since it’s clear that my luck has been shitty since the onset of this surgery. i may need an increased dose, but we’re giving it one more day to see.
  • having my brace unlocked is glorious for walking. the nerve still acts up when i try to fully extend my leg, so i walk a little oddly, but i can handle that. the idea that this should also help alleviate the nerve pain makes me happy.
  • a home-cooked meal can make your entire week better.
  • sometimes you need to fight really hard to be heard. and sometimes that may mean camping out in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. if you’re small and cute, this is especially fun. nobody expects you to be trouble. which makes you extra dangerous.
  • knowing that, if it weren’t for the onset of this nerve pain, you would have kicked butt on all of your post-op goals, is frustrating. but with any luck, by this time next week the pain will be largely eradicated and you can continue being a badass.
  • until i get the feeling back in that patch on my shin, i will have a hairy spot. i cannot shave over a patch of skin that has no sensation. can. not.

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