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a little ha-ha for once.


i am so sick of being in pain, and i am so sick of it causing me to be angry and frustrated and serious all the goddamn time.this is a random assortment of funny shit in my life.


this is my new compression sock. it’s full-length and only for special folks who have abnormal swelling. but the best part of this picture is my cell phone. which is in one of the straps of my brace. my brace doubles as a holster! mostly because my bra isn’t as reliable of a carrying case. (side note: i took this with photobooth, so it’s in reverse. my surgery was on my right knee, i swear.)

my friends and i broke my bed the other night. it is now completely lopsided. sleeping is really awkward because i kind of feel like i might roll off. but it was fucking hysterical when it happened, and i need a new bed anyway and this one only cost 35$ and last almost two years. and it was funny, did i mention that? i like funny.

i was flipping through photos reliving my college days, especially my junior year, which was when my two best friends and i raised hell on a regular basis. since they’re real adults with jobs and things i’ll not plaster embarrassing photos of them on the interwebz. but i have no shame.

i don’t even know. but this was one of the funniest/best nights of my undergraduate career. the next morning? not so much. but damn we had a good time. please note my rainbow-striped shot glass and my demon eyes.

i was planning on writing something more substantial, profound, serious, whatever the case may be. instead i decided to tell you how i busted my bed and show you pictures of my chicken leg and me being drunk and attractive (right). you get what you get and you don’t get upset.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

3 thoughts on “a little ha-ha for once.

  1. hahaha So, in order to get into my bed when I was in a cast on one leg and same brace on the other, I had to wheel it to the side, throw my “good leg” (the braced one) up onto the bed, then kind of propel myself onto the bed in some kind of gymnastic feat I thought I’d left behind in 1991 when I, yanno, left behind gymnastics. The bed from “Everybody Loves Raymond”? That’s the kind I have, but my floor is tile and the pegs that hold up the mattresses in the center are plastic on the bottom. Que the support slipping, bed going down on one side and me freaking the hell out. It only took four times before I said, “Yanno what? F*ck this. Take it off the frame and put the mattresses on the floor.” Because I am *that* quick to come to solutions when hurting and doped out on pain killers.

    • hahahaha now that my bed is lopsided, one side is way lower than the other – the mattress is pretty much on the floor. and since bending my knee is already such a trial, i have relocated to the other side of the bed. which is really weird and i spent all last night afraid i was going to accidentally roll off the bed because i would forget which side i was on.

      • That is what happened with mine. I tried to sleep on it, but it scared me, too. I also tried sleeping across the bed, which was just too awkward to endure. I ended up parking it in a recliner until I could get someone to put the bed on the floor for me. I am so glad that’s all over with and will be equally glad when your ordeal is over with!

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