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five weeks off the table: it’s a @%&$ing miracle!!

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it’s been an awesome week as far as rehab and recovery is concerned – finally!!

  • muscle relaxants are my new best pals. they have almost completely eradicated my pain, and the only side effect i’ve felt is a little bit of drowsiness. but only when i’m in my bed and reclined – not when i’m up and about. so i pretty much consider that to be negligible.
  • strength work > stretch work, every time. mostly because strength work burns, in that ‘oh hey there’s that muscle!’ kind of way, while stretch work just plain hurts.
  • i hate bending work with a fiery passion. it’s terrible. and now that my pain is so much better, we actually have to do it. poopers.
  • in the past week i have been on no crutches, demoted to two crutches, and now one crutch. i can’t wait to be able to walk comfortably with free hands. happy day!
  • trying to prone hang on a lopsided bed is awkward.

it’s like planking. only not really. and it hurts like hell. now imagine doing it off the edge of a bad the slopes like so: /  needless to say, it’s an awkward time for all.


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