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on a scale of zero to ten.


the universal way of measuring pain, from pre-op until now, among myself and my physicians and PTs, has been on a scale of zero (no pain at all) to ten (worst pain you’ve ever felt; need immediate medical attention).

in pre-op they asked me what level i thought i would be able to comfortably tolerate during after care. i told them between a five and a six.

when the nerve block wore off the next morning and i went into hypersensitivity, the first thing the doctor on call asked me was to rate my pain. i told him a nine; i really wanted to say fifteen and a half, because it was that bad.

when i went into muscle trauma a few weeks ago, i was a steady four, but if i moved the wrong way i would spike to an eight.

since going on the muscle relaxants i’ve been about a two, with spikes to about a four when shifting from extension to flexion (or vice versa) or when bearing weight and pushing for full extension.

today, for the first time since surgery, i ambarelya one. my brace is still annoying and uncomfortable, and the last degree or two (as opposed to five or ten) of extension while walking is still a little stiff…but damn i feel like a human being with a real leg.

that’s about the only thing i can think of to write about right now. lots of other fragments floating around in my head that i’ll string together soon!


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “on a scale of zero to ten.

  1. Amazing 🙂 🙂

    The 0-10 scale is a daily topic of discussion in this house, lol

    • hahahaha it’s so funny, it’s the first thing they ask me when i walk into PT, the doctor, anywhere medical any more lol. i am trying sooooo hard to not walk around without my crutch too much and spaz my muscles out again haha – one round of that was enough!!

  2. This entry makes me so happy. \o/

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