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think first; type after.


i was in such a good mood when i got home from PT – we started leg pressing 110# today (up from 85# on monday), i got to 113 degrees of flexion right off the bat and 125 degrees at the end of the session, and made it all the way around the bike for the first time since my muscle spasms started. everything felt pretty damn good.

i got home and had an email from my cousin saying that she had spoken to another cousin who mentioned that my father was putting our house on the market.

oh, really? because that’s news to me. and my father just called me this afternoon, and never said a word.


and since i was pissed and hurt and generally hating things, and since i am a child of technology, my facebook status reflected my ire. nothing inappropriate, since i do have some class believe it or not. my exact post was, “so angry. this year can rot.”

to which a mother of a friend saw it necessary to reply, “at least your alive.”

okay, first of all – YOU’RE. i cannot deal with improper grammar when somebody is simultaneously pissing me off. it’s fucking YOU + ARE. and secondly, just…how dare you?! you barely know me. i went to high school with your daughter. that’s it. so do NOT try and make me feel grateful, or make me feel ashamed of the fact that i’m angry, with some kitschy response. you. do. not. know. me.

this post is a shameless rant and has very little substance. i am going to go for a walk in a few minutes to procure some coffee; when i come back i will more than like be friendlier and more apt to write something much wittier than this. until then…this is all i got.



Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

6 thoughts on “think first; type after.

  1. Wow. What a thoughtless woman! I’m sorry someone actually had it in them to say that to you! YOU’RE more than welcome to direct her to this:

  2. What a fucktard. She sucks ass.

    And like really? She doesn’t know you’re? I cannot.

  3. How rude of that lady!!! Sometimes I hate Facebook. I posted a funny anecdote about quitting my job yesterday (my job seriously depresses me and I need out ASAP) and one of my family members wrote something to the affect of “you better not quit your job! I was thinking, “thanks for the support, I’ll just waste my life away at a horrible job just so I can pay your rent money.” thanks. lol

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