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six weeks off the table: the only way to go is up!

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i cannot stress enough how much going on Flexeril changed everything about my rehab. and even better, my PT was telling me that he had an ACL post-op patient suddenly experiencing the same exact thing. and having just gone through it with me, he was able to tell them to go straight to the doctor and ask for a muscle relaxant – they didn’t have to spend 2 weeks testing out heating pads and blood thinners and nerve meds. nice to know i at least saved somebody else all of that pain and frustration!

but here’s what i’ve learned this week, in a nutshell:

  • i’m capable of handling a lot more “PT pain” at home than i realized. as a result of doing some diligent and slightly more painful than usual flexion work, i got to 113 degrees cold yesterday and 125 degrees at the end of the hour. which is not too far from where we would want me had i not lost the 2 weeks due to pain!
  • getting stronger is just as fun now as it was pre-surgery at the gym. the reasons are different, but progress is fun any way you slice it.
  • i walked about twenty feet yesterday without my brace or crutches (controlled environment – i was walking with john from my table to the bike). it was terrifying, but oh-so exciting!
  • my swelling has gone down enough that i can go back to my other compression sock! although i have to wear this one again when i fly, for clot prevention.
  • it’s pretty clear that i trust my physical therapist more than i do my surgeon. he is just THAT good.
  • things are moving so quickly and smoothly now that i can finally, honest to goodness see the light at the end of the tunnel. it’s teeny tiny, but at least i believe that it’s there.

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