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seven weeks off the table: cut the cord

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today was my last day of PT for three weeks, since i’m flying home on tuesday. i have a nice list of exercises and lots of resistance bands, but it’s still a little intimidating to think of being on my own for almost a month. plus, when i come back, my superstar PT will no longer be working. he’s actually having ACL surgery, so i’ll be moving to another therapist for the rest of my time. lots of changes coming! but here’s what i learned in week seven:

  • being able to return to the gym has been awesome. it’s a little weird, since it’s a whole new routine, but it’s nice to feel like i’m taking some ownership of my recovery and that i can do significant work outside of PT. stationary bikes for the win!
  • full extension is almost – dare i say it – easy-to-effortless. now if that ain’t progress…
  • i’m getting so much more effective at walking without my crutches that, in my head, i’m zooming all over the place. and then i get completely smoked by a pair of 80-year-olds while we’re all crossing the street. yes, that really happened. stop chuckling.
  • if my left leg (and thus my right leg, pre-surgery) didn’t naturally hyper-extend, life would be a little easier. i mean, what’s the big fuss about making the sides even, anyway? isn’t hyper-extension of one leg enough?
  • my steri-strips are finally off, which sadly means that we have added derm manipulation to our torture sessions in PT. it sucks. so so much. worse than patella manipulation. that’s saying a lot.
  • seriously, though, this week rocked. i’m getting stronger and stronger, i’m bending into the 130s (not without profanity, let’s be real), and i’m biking and using a Stairmaster. i’m almost like a real person again!

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