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fun fact friday.


  • i have to line up the blue lines on splenda packets before i open them.
  • my favorite thing to get at speedway is a 20 oz. combo of french vanilla cappuccino and columbian roast coffee – about 2:1 coffee – with 2 splenda and french vanilla creamer. and if they happen to have mini marshmallows – the freeze-dried kind that they put in a little shaker – i get those too. no shame, i love those buggers.
  • speaking of coffee, dunkin donuts is my favorite kind. i used to LOVE panera coffee, but i’ve had so much of it in the past five years that now just the smell of it makes me sick. and as far as ground coffee you make at home, i love eight o’clock coffee. it was my mom’s favorite and we used to always drink it so it reminds me of her and of home.
  • i hate tea. and i keep trying to make myself like it, and i’m always buying different brands or different flavors in the hopes that i will find THE tea for me…but i can’t.
  • i fly home on tuesday and i haven’t even begun packing.

Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “fun fact friday.

  1. I LOL at your tea comment. I have the same relationship with tea…I really want to like it too! There’s so many benefits from tea! But, i have yet to find one I do like. The most tolerable I’ve come to tea is adding A LOT of honey

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