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protect your nuts.

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(this is also over a year old. just found it and it made me smile.)

backstory: i love cashews. i also am very very guilty of picking all of the cashews out of our mixed nuts jars at home.  my dad has taken to buying the very large jars of planters mixed nuts, the fancy kind with no peanuts. after i had been home for a sum total of 36 hours and promptly raided the jar of all cashews, he instituted the “white cup rule” – if one wants nuts, one takes a white plastic dixie cup from the hutch and scoops out a cupful of nuts. ”take your chances,” he says.

conversation that just occurred:
dad: i kind of like the variety when you get all the different nuts, don’t you?
me: …i like cashews.

we both then erupt into peals of laughter, and i once again am reminded that the sound of my father laughing is one of my favorite sounds this life has ever given me. it’s why i watch all in the family and the three stooges when i’m home, even though i find neither to be even remotely amusing. despite my disillusionment, my father is always beside himself with laughter.

to hear that sound, i will sit through dated television shows and stale jokes.

but i will not stop eating all of the cashews.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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