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eight weeks off the table: on the homefront.


this week began my first week home in NY and completely without PT. i saw my surgeon on monday and was awarded a hinge sleeve – super upgrade from the terminator leg! but really, Week 8 has been a good one:

  • as a runner, it seems ingrained into my DNA to hate the elliptical. but since it is now part of my mandatory PT on cardio days, i’m forcing myself to GTFOverIt. everything i do is one step closer to getting me back to running. even if one of those everythings is getting on an elliptical 3x/week.
  • now that i don’t have the terminator leg on, i can start to re-learn how to walk normally. the other brace was so bulky that i sort of waddled bow-leggedly, because my hips were too narrow to accommodate all of the…stuff. now that i’m in a sleeve, i have to undo eight weeks of strange walking.
  • flying while injured is no kind of fun. especially when, once you get to your destination and you’re anxiously awaiting the glorious moment of stretching your leg…the plane sits on the tarmac for 40 minutes.
  • that being said, everybody at delta and at all three airports i traveled through was unbelievably lovely and accommodating, as well as random passengers who offered to help, got my bags for me, et cetera.
  • the first thing everybody who has seen me since i got home is, ‘oh my god you’re so skinny,” or some variation thereof. in eight weeks i have gone from looking athletic to looking like a gawky scarecrow. one of the main goals of Weeks 9 and 10 is to continue enjoying my dad’s cooking and get my booty back.

Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “eight weeks off the table: on the homefront.

  1. Hey there, I just wanted to say I know what you’re going through with the knee injury…I’m seven weeks out myself (and blogging). I was just cleared for the elliptical as well… and like you…hate it. Nothing quite like going 10 minutes on the odd walking/cross country skiing/kid n’ play dance simulator to make you feel like an athlete. Good luck to you in your recovery! I’ll be paying attention (because who doesn’t like additional blog followers?) is me, come on down if you’re interested!


    • hey, thanks for the note! and good luck to you too – maybe we can cultivate some sort of appreciation for the elliptical along the way! (doubtful…but we can dream!)

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