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i got my knee jacked up: the two-month episode.


today is the two-month anniversary of my knee surgery. and in its honor, i smoked my workout. which (a) made me feel like a rockstar, and (b) made me reflect upon how far i’ve come, rather than how far i have to go.

two months ago, i was just coming out of anesthesia. i had a completely paralyzed right leg (thanks to a nerve block i didn’t even want) but was extremely lucid and in great spirits. i had subway for dinner. within twelve hours i was pretty sure my leg was being ripped off at the knee.

today i cranked out 30 minutes on a stationary bike with some serious resistance but a quick enough pace to log 8 1/2 miles. just two weeks ago i could barely get around the bike, and when i did, it could barely hit 60 rpms (now i’m in the high 70s) and i was in a lot of pain.

after i biked i spent 20 minutes on the elliptical and 10 on a stairmaster. neither of these are things i could do last month.

i’m squatting (okay, half-squats thanks to my stupid meniscus) and doing walking lunges with a 15-lb. body bar. i can easily stand on one leg and can almost properly go down stairs.

am i strong? no. am i strongER? absolutely.

i fully plan on my three-month anniversary post being baller. i’ll be able to go down stairs comfortably, i’ll be squatting with at least 30 lbs., and i’ll be leg pressing like a champ.

a lot can happen in a month, friends. i myself will just continue to get more badass. : )


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “i got my knee jacked up: the two-month episode.

  1. You are, in fact, badass, a rockstar, and amazing! Congrats!

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