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a post of little interest.


i’m officially moving on monday – my new bed will be delivered around noon, so after PT i’m heading right there and going to get down to business. i have my trunk completely packed, and tomorrow night or monday morning i’ll pack up my backseat.

i should be able to make it in two trips: one for all of my crap, and then a second solely for my desk. which i’m still not sure i’ll be able to dismantle and carry by myself. in fact, i know i won’t. not quite sure how i’m going to conquer that dilemma yet.

i’m going to spend tuesday cleaning, and then hopefully do a walk-thru with my landlord that afternoon and hand in my keys and be officially out.

i also have a list, approximately the length of my arm, of other random things that need to be done.

i’m trying to not panic and get overwhelmed – i know it will all get done and everything will be a-okay – but throughout the day i have pockets of sheer terror. as exciting as change is, it’s also goddamn terrifying. i have no clue how i’m going to make it financially; i’m half-funded, which means i have to pay half tuition. i didn’t qualify for in-state residency, so i need to come up with a huge chunk of money by september…and then come up with an equivalent one a few months later for the spring semester.

cue aforementioned pocket of terror.

plus, i have people telling me how i look ‘so much better’ now that i’ve gained some weight, and it’s making me want to poke my eyeballs with a fork. i knew this was going to be tough, but damn.

in more fun news, my leg is definitely getting stronger, and i’m comfortable enough with it to go back to lifting with free weights instead of machines. i’ve dropped 5# off each dumbbell from where i was pre-op – incline chest-pressing with 20s instead of 25s, shoulder pressing with 15s instead of 20s. i lost 15# off my bench, so that’s my project for right now. just because i got scrawny does NOT mean i’m going to lose my strength! (that being said, i probably won’t be able to lift my arms above my head tomorrow haha.)

this post has been pretty lame and useless – i have grand plans to pack a little bit more, shower, and then wander myself to panera with my journal in tow.



Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “a post of little interest.

  1. Things! 1) I love the re-design of your bloggy. It’s so cute, and I love the colors! 2) I’m sorry the moneyz are stressing you out. I have faith it will all work out for you. 3) Ruv you.

  2. I’m sure everything will turn out alright for you. Cheers ! !

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