becoming infinite

always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.

day four of eating like a body-builder.


in all honesty, it’s not been as hard as i thought to get in the 80g of protein my PT wants every day. mentally is it difficult to suddenly be eating that much food? sure. but i’m chugging along, and i feel pretty good. i’m hoping we’ll take some measurements on wednesday and see if my quad has built up at all.

i benched a set of 8 and a set of 7 reps at 60 lbs. today – so stoked. all in all i had a killer lift. added weight to the last two sets of my bench and to my last barbell row set. my shoulder was clicking during my tricep extensions – not unusual, i’m quite lopsided and my joints are noisy up in there – so i switched to dips, which i like a lot more anyway!

i feel strong, and i feel like i’m starting to see glimpses of my old self. just being able to get on a spin bike and sweat it out for a little bit and then go lift like i used to – maybe not with as much weight, but still doing some serious work – makes me hopeful that i WILL get back to something resembling my old self, sometime in the future.

and yes, eating more has helped the tension, the TMJ (i walk around with a clenched jaw when i start obsessing over numbers), the dizziness…blah blah blah. shocking, i know. sometimes you just need a little reminder of why you fought so hard for recovery in the first place.

answer: because it’s awesome.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “day four of eating like a body-builder.

  1. By the way, I like the new blog title and the Forever photo!

    • thanks! i have an infinity symbol tattoo – hence the new title. and ironically, the photo is one from out engagement photoshoot haha. but i love it and the color scheme was a perfect fit!

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