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always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.

death by quadricep.


i’m going to preface this by saying that the PT/Sports Medicine clinic here is balls to the wall amazing. my first PT was fabulous, and since he’s now out with his own ACL surgery, i have a new PT who, as luck would have it, is just as fierce. and i love that she is in NO way afraid to mix things up and make me werk.

THAT being said…i have never done so many half-squats, one-legged TRX squats, walking lunges, bosu lunges, step-ups (with a medicine ball this week, thank you very much) and step-downs in my life as i did between nine and ten o’clock this morning. my poor little quad is so sore and tight.

but thank you baby jesus, because that means i did some damn good work. and damn good work is where i need to be if i want to get back to my ‘old’ self.

tomorrow is cardio and upper body – giving the leggies a rest – and then back to PT on wednesday. i’m so excited, just because the soreness tells me there is some definite progress going on. plus, i got to 135 degrees flexion right off the bat – at 9am, with a sore hamstring tendon. things are happening, slowly but surely. moving in the right direction.



Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “death by quadricep.

  1. Great to hear that you are enjoying physical therapy exercises! Yes half squats are the most effective regimen for strengthening the quads and hamstrings. My patients have also tried lunges with 3lb weights in their hands. I normally called them reinforces forward lunges.

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