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oh hey, august – i see you there.

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how is it august already / where did july go??

i realized this morning, as i was walking into the gym, that i left for home over a month ago – june 26th. the day before i left, i weighed myself, and that’s when i realized that i was down 25 lbs. since surgery. since then – three weeks at home, my appetite returning, a rocky time with recovery, and now being back and being on a new meal plan to increase my atrophied muscles – i feel like i have doubled in size.

and then i weighed myself this morning, and the difference in my weight from then to now is almost negligible. yes, i’ve gained, but nowhere near enough to turn me into the horribly fat and unfit blob i picture myself to be. in fact, it’s barely enough to be noticeable. i have definitely re-crossed the threshold from ‘oh my god, you look like shit’ to ‘well gee you’re skinny.’ but that’s it. i haven’t become overweight. i am not fat.

tomorrow is my day off from PT and the gym; i have a 9am meeting to do some fellowship work, and then a few errands to run both on campus and off. so since i have some free time, i also have a project for myself tomorrow: weight-lifting research!

i think next week i’m going to do a three-day lifting rotation rather than two-day. this past week, and really since i began lifting a few years ago, i have always just alternated an upper body day with a lower body day. but i’m lifting heavier upper body weights now and doing a lot more exercises, so i think a three-day rotation might be more useful. the extra day of rest will do my muscles good, i think (hope!).

stay tuned for boring posts about my lifts!

no really though – i benched my final set at 6 x 65#. i’m almost comically proud.

this has been a potpourri post of sorts!


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