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three months off the table: a quarter of a year down!


three months down; a lifetime to go!

exactly one month ago i posted this, detailing both progress and goals. my three main goals for my three-month post-op mark were to be able to go down stairs comfortably, squat 30 lbs., and “leg press like a champ.”

done, done, and done!

in the past month i’ve flushed out about 95% of my swelling, gotten great flexion (147 degrees the other day!), and gotten SO much stronger.

i’m squatting 60 lbs., getting around a spin bike comfortably (and planning on taking a spin class tomorrow – eep!), and walking without my brace most days and on most terrains.

august is, if all goes as planned, my month to begin easing back into running.

i’m still a little stiff in the mornings, ad i still can’t kneel or sit cross-legged. my quad and calf are still noticeably underdeveloped – hopefully this high-protein lifestyle will solve that! i walk with a bit of a limp and none too quickly, but i’m finally getting full extension.

and i’m lifting upper body with free weights – hellz yes.

it’s been a good month. i successfully moved apartments, i flew, and i upped my fitness game. i’m seeing glimpses of my old self, and it’s awesome.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “three months off the table: a quarter of a year down!

  1. Hi! I just hit my 6 week post-op mark yesterday and am squirming in jealousy that you’re already at 3 months (3 months is when I “should” get the okay to start jogging). Congrats on the progress!

    • aw thanks! at six weeks i was a hot mess haha – i was a waaay late bloomer as far as post-op progress! but looking back, it’s amazing how far i’ve come, even though i still have eons to go before i’m back to my former self. good luck to you, and keep on workin!

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