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grocery list of a meathead.


unless you’re just arriving to the party, you know that i’m on a high-protein (80mg minimum per day) diet to aid in the regrowth of my poor little leg muscles. what you may not know is that i’m a serial grocery shopper. this, i got from my mom, who went to shop-rite at least five times a week. very rarely do i buy ALL of my groceries at once. instead, i go and get a half dozen items, and then two days later go back for three more, and so on.

every now and again i get the bulk of my week’s groceries in one hit, and today was one of those days. as i was loading my stuff on to the conveyer belt, i had to laugh a little and wonder what it said about me. i had:

  • 2 bags of baby carrots
  • hummus (to eat with said baby carrots)
  • red grapes (FAVORITE)
  • a huge vat of cottage cheese (if you’ve never had it, cottage cheese with grapes and honey is delicious)
  • hazelnut coffee creamer
  • 5 bags of mini rice cakes (they were on sale, don’t judge me)
  • sliced cheese
  • 2 clif bars (mint chocolate flavor – yum!)
  • 2 pure protein bars (not my favorite, but they were super cheap)
  • peanut butter
  • 2 liters of iced tea
  • 3 cans of tuna
  • a loaf of wheat bread

this grocery load, to me, says PROTEIN. (it also, upon inspection, also kind of says VEGETARIAN. which i am not, i just can’t cook worth a crap, and meat/salmonella ain’t somethin’ i wanna mess with.)

that being said – i benched six sets today rather than my usual five. a warm-up set at 45#, then two work sets at 60# and three at 65#. i couldn’t pull full (8) reps on the last set, but i eked out 5 reps and felt good. next bench i want to get full reps on all sets. then from there i’ll sub one of the 60# sets with 65#. my goal is to be working with 75# regularly by mid-term.

running used to make me feel strong, powerful. lifting has been filling that void for me. even though i can’t do any lower body work, what i can do i’m committed to and enjoying my progress.

i got smoked at PT yesterday and my entire right leg is a wasteland. i love that that means i’m working and that i’m on my way to getting back my old strength and old self!


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “grocery list of a meathead.

  1. “they were on sale, don’t judge me”….that made me laugh. Ty. I absolutely love the feeling of my muscles being spent. When I left the gym this morning everything felt like jelly and my hands were a bit shaky. YES! Grabbed a protein shake and a peach..drank more water and felt good again. You’re doing what you can right now and pushing yourself. Way to go! Stay strong!

    • haha i seriously think the cashier was judging the massive amount of rice cakes i purchased! : )

      i always know that when i have a little bit of the shakes right after my final bench that i did good work. which i did today, and which means that tomorrow i will have a sore chest when i wake up!

  2. being Asian, I’m interested in those rice cakes that you bought. What exactly were they? sweets? I make a lot of rice cake myself.

    • the ones i get are made by quaker, and they’re puffed rice snacks…they come either in larger cakes, or miniature. they can be sweet or salty – they have a bunch of different flavors. my favorites are the white cheddar and the apple cinnamon, but they also have BBQ, kettle corn, chocolate, and caramel. : )

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