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i came. i saw. i $@%*ing RAN.


today was the day i have been shooting for, waiting for, eating tons and tons of protein for. after three months and seventeen days of post-operative hell i finally got to run.

it went something like this: 5-minute walking warm-up on the treadmill. then the PA says, ‘okay we’re going to have you jog for a minute, walk for a minute. three times.’ so i crank the ‘mill up to about 5.5 mph before the PA says: ‘um that’s a run…try a jog.’ to which i groan and slow down to about 5.0mph. at which point my other PA says, ‘that looks super-awkward. try speeding up next time.’ so Round Two i went at around 5.7mph – still awkward. so the PA asked me what i would normally run on a treadmill to warm up. i told her 6.4ish,

Round Three was the charm. she let me crank it to 6.0, my gait evened out and felt completely comfortable save for some knee shock), and i was effing running.



my PT came over and only half-jokingly said that this does not under any circumstances mean i can resume marathon training. i say ‘half-jokingly’ because we all know that , even though it sounds absurd, if given the chance i might consider it haha.

veeery soon, this will all be mine!! (i tore my meniscus during this race. look how happy!! derp.)

no running again till PT on thursday. and then my PT promised me a training schedule, once we see how today affects me.

this was all i needed to re-up my commitment to recovery, to continuing to scarf protein, to not using the beginning of classes and work and long days needing pre-planned meals as an excuse to not fuel adequately.

i still have a long way to go, but there is a light shining at the end of this tunnel. and i am so relieved.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

6 thoughts on “i came. i saw. i $@%*ing RAN.

  1. What a GREAT Monday for you. This is great news! Now you can count the days until Thursday when you get to do that again. Congrats!

  2. Congrats!!!! I am SO happy for you and proud of you!

  3. Niiiiiiiiicce!!! That’s so awesome!

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