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always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.

full speed ahead(ache).


welp. fall 2012 has officially started. living this far off campus is going to be a major adjustment, mostly because i just refuse to travel back and forth more than once a day. but since i work out at 6am and most nights teach yoga till 8pm, that spells for a long day.

only three days into the semester and i realized the necessity for a food stockpile in my office. and lots of pre-planning of meals, as well as easily-portable protein.

that being said…so far, so good! i’ve taught four group fitness classes so far, and they went really well. there are a LOT of yoga-type things i still can’t due because of my surgery, but i’m working around the limitations.

i’m completely (well, almost) overhauling my lift schedule today. i start my next six-day cycle tomorrow, and after five weeks it’s time for a shake-up. specifically, i’m losing power on my incline dumbbell presses and my shoulder presses. super-frustrating, since i’m gaining just about everywhere else. especially my biceps (weakest link) and triceps – which is probably why my bench is feeling so much stronger.

tonight i’ll be making some playlist and researching new lifts, and will probably be adding some cable work into my plan.

i also have a ton of reading, some of which i started while at panera this morning. i got there around eight…after falling asleep at 6pm last night and not waking up until seven this morning. clearly still adjusting to my new schedule/the taxation on my body.

i ran for a total of 4 1/2 minutes at PT on thursday – up from 3 minutes on monday – and today i get to go for 7 1/2! my PT told me treadmill or pavement was fine, and since saturday is the one day of the week i don’t absolutely HAVE to go to campus…i’m going outside to run! i have my garmin all set up for a 1:30/0:30 interval set for 5 reps, and i cannot wait to get out there. i’m a little nervous, since this will be my first time running on pavement/not on a treadmill in nearly four months, and there’s always an added risk in outdoor terrain. but my neighborhood has great sidewalks, and i’m hoping all will go seamlessly!
i have many thoughts on many blog-worthy things floating in my head right now, and hopefully i will get through enough of my assigned reading this afternoon that i will be able to set some time aside to write about them! until then – here’s me and my landlady’s cat.

look! it’s photobooth!

kitty eskimo kisses. keskimo kisses? eskikitty?


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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

3 thoughts on “full speed ahead(ache).

  1. Food preplanning and portable protein…yep. Story of my life now. :). We are out of town heading to Philly for Hub’s conference. I packed free weights, resistance bands and an extra duffle with work out clothes, extra socks and other equipment. Not to mention all the good food! Must keep my muscles strong and hopefully drop more weight this week. I hope your first pavement run goes great! You’re going to back to normal and be even stronger than before.

    • yea my boss and i MAY have eaten an entire bag of beef jerky while we were working the other afternoon – it’s my new favorite no-fridge-needed protein.

      running was awesome, can’t wait to do it again on monday!

      • Yum is right! And Tuna is a good one too..cheaper than jerky…but not as good and not as easy to find. jerky is on my food list and almost every store has it…I just have to watch the sodium..and i suppose those nitrates. Homemade Deer jerky is the ultimate but we are out of it.

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