becoming infinite

always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.

‘scuse me while i multi-task.


classes started last wednesday and i’m already overwhelmed. the adjustment phase is always a little rough, but hot damn.

i’m gonna go ahead and just hit the high (and not-so-high) points in the important arenas of my life.

  1. i’m up to 8 rounds of 1:30/:30s for my jog/walk progressions. i’m starting to run outdoors and dusted off my garmin. one thing hasn’t changed with surgery: sleepy legs. i have scored negative splits on every clocked outing so far. 9:00+/mile split for the first, and sub-9s for all of the rest, with a sub-8 thrown in at the very end. sleepy, sleepy legs. still and always.
  2. the academic class i’m teaching is large and mostly males, which is a new dynamic for me. but so far, so good.
  3. the academic classes i’m IN (remember that part about me being a student?) are thus far okay. a lot of reading for one. i’m most excited about my stats class, which is completely outside of my major field. go figure.
  4. i put another 5 pounds onto my working bench. i’m pressing 70# for reps now and it feels awesome.
  5. i did a set of 6 tricep dips with <20# of assist today (18.5#, to be exact). one of my fitness goals for the semester is 3 unassisted dips. i’m way closer than anticipated and it’s not even september!
  6. my contract got screwed up and my paycheck today was 1/3 of what it should have been. LAME.
  7. i made an unfortunate footwear choice today and now have blisters, and walked around lexington barefoot for a few hours.
  8. yesterday i was having a day. sleep-deprived, stressed, sore, and missing my mom like crazy. i melted down in PT, cried, and then had a pint of ben & jerry’s for dinner. shit happens.
  9. it’s a long weekend. my to-do list is terrifying. i’m gonna need that extra day.
  10. skippy PB is half off this week and i have acquired five jars thus far. i think i may go back for a few more tomorrow. i really love PB.
  11. i did one set of skullcrushers with a 40-lb. barbell today and it was terrifying. absolutely terrifying.

i’ll update my playlist page this weekend. and maybe post something more coherent and meaningful. that too.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “‘scuse me while i multi-task.

  1. Aaargh ! I have school now, too. Bye, good times. See ya 10 months from now.

    Cheers to both of us !

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