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four months off the table: the month of the run.

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another month down, folks! i can’t believe it’s been four months already; looking back, i’ve made more progress in the past month than i have in any one month since surgery. the follies and toils of Month Four have brought about:

  • RUNNING! and yesterday i officially graduated from 1:30/:30s, with a set of ten. five of those ten splits were sub-8:00 miles, so i’m feeling pretty confident that my legs are coming back. tomorrow i get to start 2:00/:30s. running again is by far my greatest accomplishment of the month.
  • i’m also jumping – a lot. from a plyo box to the ground, jumping lunges, scissor lunges, side lunges over a bosu, hopping on one leg side-to-side and front-to-back, jumping onto a ledge forwards and sideways with just my surgical leg…it’s a jump-filled life for me.
  • i’m brace-free. which is great in the nine bazillion degree kentucky heat. however…strangers were much nicer to me when i wore a brace. i am keeping this in mind and keeping my brace handy for days when i just want people to get out of my way when i’m walking down a crowded sidewalk. (kidding…sort of).
  • i started teaching fitness classes again, and so far so good. i’m limited in my yoga classes with what i can do on the right side – namely any torquing or twisting, or deep bends – but i’ve recovered my flexibility surprisingly quickly. and teaching spinning has been as expected – exhausting and sweaty!
  • i put 2.5 cm back onto my quad. that leaves me with 2.5 more until my legs are even.
  • i have gained a few much-needed pounds. and the world hasn’t come crashing down. imagine that.
  • i’m at a comfortable hyper-extension and my flexion is up to 150 degrees. without tears.

all in all, Month Four has been pretty fabulous. this next month is all about strength and flexion. ready to boogie!


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