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remember that time i had a blog?


life has been such a whirlwind, i barely have time to catch my breath. let alone sit down and put coherent thoughts down, on paper or on a screen. it’s 8pm on a sunday, the weekend has gone by way too quickly, and i figure it might be nice to update the world on my majestic daily life.

no, really.

classes. they’re good. stats is awesome, as i knew it would be. save for that fact that it’s held in a building that is about as far as possible from the rest of my work/the gym. i got a 100% on my first quiz, so no complaints from me. my musicology seminar hurts my soul a little bit. and my jazz theory seminar is like coming home – a course in my field of study, with great music, and fun people. love.

teaching/tutoring. i quite enjoy my class. it’s a different dynamic for sure – mostly males, and several upperclassmen and older/non-traditional students. i like it. i feel like i’m becoming a better teacher every day. which of course is awesome. “those who dare to teach must never cease to learn.”

fitness classes. i’ve acquired a handful of new yogi groupies whom i love. i’m teaching a midday class on wednesdays, and i’m enjoying it a lot. plus my three evening classes per week and my long weekend class. teaching cycling again has been nice. not wearing me out yet, at least.

physical therapy. i freaking love my PT. that’s first off. i’m running – no intervals any more, just running like a normal person – and i’m squatting in a squat rack again. we measured my strength deficit to be just over 11% last week – still significant, but not awful. so i’m doing a LOT of single-leg work from now until i see the surgeon again in lat october. but seriously, my PT is awesome. she plays to my competitive athlete spirit and it’s great.

fitness in general. pretty killer. i’m benching 80# sets regularly, which brings my estimated one-rep max well into the 90s. which is crazy – i could barely bench the bar when i first started! i’m still stuck at the same weight – aka 15 lbs. under my pre-op weight and still no period – but i’m eating well and getting my protein in, so i’m trying not to fuss too much. i’m REALLY close to being able to do unassisted dips, and ten pounds away from squatting 100% of my body weight. basically, it’s a party.

everything else. i kind of go like gangbusters monday through friday – up at 4:45am, gym by six, and then on campus working, teaching, and taking class until 8pm. fridays i’m done super early – 1pm – and generally am asleep before dinner. saturdays i only leave the dining room table to eat and pee – i do all of my academic work, lift planning, and playlist building. then sundays are rather busy and poof! there went the weekend!

i miss my mom. i miss k, but in a sort of weird and indescribable way. i miss my family. i love the people i have in my life right now though – my friends, my students, my housemates, my colleagues. recovery continues to be present, but not a huge glaring THING. it just…is. it’s there.

oh and did i mention that i live with a cat now? she’s crazy. at the moment she’s got her head stuck through the hand-hole of a shopping bag on my floor. i think we may be soulmates,


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

3 thoughts on “remember that time i had a blog?

  1. Great to hear from you and thanks for the updates! Those are some crazy busy hours. I just set my alarm for tomorrow, thirty minutes earlier so I am hopefully chasing my tail less and staying more focused during workouts. Have a great week!

  2. I was just thinking about you the other day and realizing I hadn’t read anything from your blog in awhile! Sounds like everything is going well, i want to see a picture of your new cat!!

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