becoming infinite

always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.

pomp and circumstance.


i saw the surgeon today for my six-month post-op appointment. my six month mark isn’t for another two weeks, but we’ll continue on accordingly.

i graduate from PT on thursday! he actually said that he’s “proud” of me for all of the progress i’ve made – coming from a slightly grandiose and self-important orthopedic surgeon, i found that to be quite the compliment. so thursday will be my last PT session. not gonna lie, i’m sad. i mean, it’ll be nice to have that time added back into my day for studying and writing papers and things. but. i love my physical therapist, and the entire staff over there at the sports med clinic. i shall miss them!

in other news – i leg pressed 220# today for 10 reps. i’m starting to see the medial head of my quad coming back into form. and i bought tampons for the first time since spring.

oh and i bit into my apple this afternoon and it was rotten and i was the saddest panda.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

7 thoughts on “pomp and circumstance.

  1. “a slightly grandiose and self-important orthopedic surgeon”
    You mean, there are some who aren’t?! o.O

    Congrats! You’ve been doing so awesome!

    • bahaha right?! i read somewhere that they’re the worst as far as attitude.

      • My ex-therapist said the same thing. They’re very narcissistic. Mostly because they *are* very intelligent and confident, but their bedside manner is horrendous.

      • So jealous of your progress, but many many congratulations!
        My OS (the one who did my second surgery) was amazing, and she had the greatest bedside manner– in fact, I’m on a pre-med orthopedic track because of her 🙂

      • no kidding! my original OS back home was actually amazing – the SWEETEST man. my current is definitely brilliant at what he does…he just also assumes that i have the intelligence of a snowpea. luckily, i’ve been given my walking papers till my 10-month appointment in march! : )

  2. You have really worked hard to get to this point. The therapists at my PT are still my friends and cheering me on…it’s next door to my I visit about once a month. Leg pressing 220#? Wow! I’m pushing 140 and get many stares. I want the shirt that says “I train like a girl..try to keep up!” Ha ha. Congrats!

    • haha thanks! i was pressing 290# right before my injury, so i’m excited to be within shooting range of that again! i’m recruiting my PT to be my new training buddy. she just doesn’t know it yet. : )

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