becoming infinite

always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.

one day at a time.


i’m feeling a little less lost/behind/overwhelmed in my classes. i have a stats take-home to do this weekend. and a lot of studying. and a musicology presentation to prepare, with lots of library time in my near future. but i can do it. just need lots of coffee!

i posted a 3 rep, 90# bench again today. after 4 x 5 @ 85# and 2 x 5 @ 80#. and three prep sets at lighter weight before that. also PRed incline dumbbell bench – 1 x 8 @ 25# and then 3 x 8 @ 30#. i’ve never made it through all three sets in full with the 30# dumbbells. but don’t be fooled – even though i can press ’em, it’s still terrifyingly touch-and-go on whether i can kick them up with any sort of grace.

also maxed out my squat – 2 warm-up sets of 10 reps at 45# and 75#, then 2 x 10 @ 95# and 2 x 10 @ 105#. the 105s weren’t pretty, but they happened. i know i’m still relying on my good leg, but i’m really trying to focus on driving through that surgical leg as i get out of the hole.

i supersetted (new word. yes.) squats with tricep dips. four sets of 8. toasted.

i also may have eaten an entire bag of beef jerky during my break tonight. and then came home after work and ate my weight in cottage cheese and grapes. needless to say, protein intake is once again a priority for me. because i want that 100# bench.

sweet baby jesus i am so excited to fall into bed.

this post brought to you by the inability to concentrate on my schoolwork.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

3 thoughts on “one day at a time.

  1. I hope you are doing well with your exercises. Good luck.

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