becoming infinite

always learning. always growing. always lifting heavy things.

and then october ended…wait, what?!


time is flying. holy crap.

this week’s highlights:

  • 95# bench. new PR.
  • 115# squat. that’s 100% body weight. freaking finally! my surgical quad is coming along, slowly but surely.
  • PR for standing dumbbell shoulder presses (25# for 8 reps), one-arm dumbbell rows (30# for 10 reps), and leg press (235# for 10 reps) as well. good week for lifts.
  • i agreed to be a subject in a research study on ACL reconstruction recipients and post-operative gait. so yesterday i went to the biodynamics lab, got hooked up with a bunch of sensors, and walked and ran on a special treadmill while they filmed me with high-speed cameras that picked up my sensors and made a little 3-D avatar on their computer system. so cool! then we did some measurements and strength testing. the researcher told me that:
    • i have the best running mechanics he’s seen in somebody who is 6-months post-op (my six month-iversary is in fact tomorrow!)
    • my left leg is significantly shorter than my right. which explains my lifelong problem of one pant leg dragging on the ground.
    • my balance test scores were also the best he has seen in anybody with ACL reconstruction, even 9-12 months post-op. thanks be to yoga!
    • i run with a serious (about 20 degree) hip drop. homegirl needs to strengthen her glutes. good thing my squat is coming back to life!
  • i had an exam on tuesday and a presentation on wednesday. i think they both went well.
  • a semester’s worth of early mornings and crazy days finally caught up with me, and after i lifted yesterday morning i had the shakes i was so physically exhausted. so i walked to my car, crawled in the backseat…and napped for two hours. in the parking garage. not one of my finer moments.
  • i got new running shoes today – finally! the tendonitis issue was getting out of hand. i hemmed and hawed, was disappointed with the brooks ravenna 3s (i love and swear by the ravenna 2s but can no longer get them in my size now that the 3s are out). i ended up getting the saucony guide 6. i immediately – since i have no patience – took them out for a test run. i did a 10k and everything was perfection. i am SO excited!
  • i have a belly full of fresca and tortilla chips, both of which i have been craving ALL week. i did a lot of work today, so i am totally okay with calling it a week and passing out in the near future. early morning tomorrow so i can work, drink coffee, and work some more.



Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

4 thoughts on “and then october ended…wait, what?!

  1. Christmas holidays is just around the corner. Unbelievable. Time flies so fast.

    Cheers ! And be well.

  2. Great workout ! Love those shakes!

    • thanks! despite being exhausted this wee, i still put up some decent numbers lifting. i’m most excited about my squat – now that my surgical leg is getting stronger i’m finally able to get out of the hole with a little more grace haha.

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