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traveling disaster averted – although my flight out of lexington was delayed by a total of 75 minutes, my connection was also delayed by the same amount, so i made my connection and got home at 2pm.

we went to my grandma’s for dinner and it was so nice. next to my mom, my grandmother is the most important woman in my life. going to her house is like going to my second home. plus, she’s an amazing cook – we had sauce and meatballs. my mom got her recipe from grandma, so it was like having a little bit of my mom there.

i went up in the attic and re-discovered some serious winter running gear i had forgotten i had. so excited!

i won’t have gym access for a week, so my goal is simply to be creative and do what i can to not lose a ton of strength since i won’t have any heavy weights to sling. (as i’m typing this my dad is kvetching about how he doesn’t think “it’s good for me” to lift heavy and how “reps are more important.” oh, and he wants to know if i’m “doing it for toning or for strength.” i can’t even begin to address this right now.)

i’m also currently watching pink’s AMA performance, and she is so fierce. this performance is so athletic, and i’m a little obsessed.

tomorrow we’re going out for an early dinner and then to the movies. so my plan is to get up early and do a few hours of work, head into town to go for a run, and then enjoy the rest of the day with the family.

also, we’re just about at the point where i once again need to unbutton my jeans to get them on and off. and although i’m sure it will mess with my head a bit at some point, but right now i’m feeling blessed to be getting my booty back.


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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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