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happy thanksgiving; hope you like airports.


i knew my trip home looked too good to be true: 8:00am flight out of lexington, get to detroit at 9:30am, leave detroit at 10:30am, home a little after noon.

i got a cab at six, was at the airport within ten minutes and checked in and through security in another ten.

a little before seven, i found out that my flight out of lexington was delayed till 8:45am. which would mean i would have to hustle to make my connection in detroit.

and if i didn’t make it, the next flight to stewart out of detroit isn’t until 7:45pm.

but then, about a half hour later, i found out that my connection was also delayed, until 11:10am. problem solved.

until my first flight got delayed AGAIN, now until 9:15am. so again, i’m going to have to haul ass and pray to make my connection in detroit.

i am, as mckayla maroney, UNIMPRESSED.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

3 thoughts on “happy thanksgiving; hope you like airports.

  1. I know it can really suck! if you’re bored and waiting, and want something silly and informative to read while you’re sitting there, check out our site. If you have any funny or exasperating experiences, please share! Vent, vent, vent! 🙂

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