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two posts in two days? be impressed.


i’m going to start this off by saying: i love thanksgiving. it is, by far, my favorite major holiday. nothing but family and good food, warm sweaters and pumpkin EVERYTHING. yes…i most definitely love it.

however. what i don‘t love is the CONSTANT inundation with “ways to not gain weight this thanksgiving!!” headlines on my yahoo homepage. or how my facebook feed gets jammed with a bunch of socially righteous crankypants-es bitching about how thanksgiving is just how america shows its obese capitalist lifestyle, and we should be thankful every day and – oh my god STOP RUINING MY FUN.

so i’m going to put this out there for everyone in cyberspace to read: i went home for a week for thanksgiving. while i was home i ran a total of nine miles – yes, in seven days – and i lifted twice. and that is it. and you know what else? i ate. a LOT. my dad cooks (i do not) and he made clams and linguine one night, pork loin on the grill another night, and chicken and sweet potatoes a third night. i had lunch out with my grandma, i ate my weight in thanksgiving fare on thursday, and in general i just ate a lot and worked out very little.

in seven days’ time, i gained well over five pounds. i didn’t get on a scale until today, and i was up four since i left for home. and since being back, i’ve slipped right into my normal routine, and i’m sure my weight has declined a bit.

so why am i putting this on my blog? because guess what – i gained a rather ridiculous amount of weight in a short amount of time…and i’m still here. i didn’t implode. i didn’t cease to function. yes, i actually have to unbutton my jeans now to take them off – but that’s how normal people do it anyway. and yes, my abs semi-disappeared. but you know what else?

i ate a lot of delicious food and i let my body just freaking REST for a few days, after a semester of constant motion, four jobs, and 16-hour days.

my body will adjust its way to where it wants to be. i’ll get my abs back. i’ll go back to eating the weird, i-can’t-cook dinners i do, and focusing on shoveling as much protein as possible into them. but i refuse to bitch and whine about how the holidays “made me fat.”

the holidays made me HAPPY dammit. and since running and lifting also make me happy, i think i’ll be just fine.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “two posts in two days? be impressed.

  1. Goals simply suck and times like Thanksgiving…I wish I wasn’t such a control freak and actually let myself chill out and enjoy. Three bites of coconut pie was wonderful and I didn’t beat myself up over it. Glad you enjoyed the family time…and that you’re still here!

    • my goal at thanksgiving has, for the past few years, been to allow myself to not feel guilty, and it’s been the best goal ever! there are only three major holidays per year that i celebrate with my entire family – when i was sick i dreaded them because of all of the anxiety i had around the food, so now i’m trying to just relax and enjoy!

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