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surprise sorez.

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after my premier post-op deadlifts yesterday, plus a 5-mile run and a spin class, i figured my hamstrings would all but fall off with DOMS today. but what really happened? my traps were destroyed. yeesh.

squat a triple at 125# today – back was caving big time. i was just feeling super-tired and needed to quit before i injured my sorry tail. but i got two good sets of 95# on bench, so it’s all good.

i also ate just about 200g of protein today. i cannot stop eating. i’m hungry ALL the time!

that being said, weight is back to where it was pre-holiday (bodies adjust, folks!) yet i still have to unzip my jeans to get them on and off. which means that, numbers aside, i’m getting back some of my junk in the trunk. THANK YA LORD! and my surgical leg is continuing to rebuild muscle. every day is one step closer to being back to normal!

my flight outta here is in ten days. i plan on spending my time in FL running, lifting (if i can find a local gym down there with a squat rack. and that won’t charge me a bajillion dollars for a few weeks), getting my yoga back on (or at the very least, working to get some flexibility back now that my ROM is coming along), and cross-stitching. yes, cross-stitching. i cannot wait for cross-stitching.

i’m also bringing my journal. i would love to start writing again, really writing.

i’m ringing in 2013 with my uncles, in fort lauderdale. january 1st was k and i’s anniversary; it’s also my uncles’ anniversary, so it will be really special for me to spend it with them, and their friends, as a way to kick off a year that can’t possibly be worse than 2012 was.

i ate about 24 ounces of cottage cheese in 32.5 seconds when i got home 2 hours ago and my stomach is still making strange noises. i was hungry!


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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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