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i know this ain’t tumblr –


but i’m making two posts in one day. and this one is lacking substance, but it needs to be made:

  • i got locked IN my classroom today with eight of my students, because the doorknob fell off.
  • i came home after work and ate ginger snaps and drank milk until i passed out in my bed (circa 2pm).
  • i woke up four hours later solely because my phone rang.
  • i’m so long-term exhausted that my eyes have moved past bloodshot and are just basically red. i look like one of those magician’s white rabbits with the red eyes.
  • i have minimal obligations tomorrow, so i will:
    • do laundry
    • buy groceries
    • finish my stats exam
    • be a slug
    • blog
    • be more of a slug

yup. that’s my life! : )


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

5 thoughts on “i know this ain’t tumblr –

  1. Awesome. I went nuts and did three posts today even though I was in the middle of something really weird and had to interrupt it to do the other two… but I might be crazy.

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