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my body; my business.

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one of my greatest pet peeves is body policing. even if somebody has the best intentions – “it’s not HEALTHY to eat that/be that size/not work out enough” – what it comes down to is simply: if it’s not your body, it’s not your business. (assuming, of course, that everyone in question is an adult.)

the other night while i was on the phone with my dad, i mentioned that i was going to google the gyms and fitness centers near his new place in FL. to which he said, “well what are you going to do there.” “uhh…lift?” and he responded with, “well don’t lift too many heavy weights…you don’t want to get too big.”

i wish you could see the face i’m pulling right now just remembering.

first off…i’m 5’3″ and a size 2. i highly doubt anybody would look at me and think i’m “big.” yes, i have developed shoulders and a muscular back. but i am most certainly NOT “big.” and secondly…if i was, you know whose business it would be? MINE, and mine alone. i don’t train under anybody. i don’t even have a workout buddy. so it is truly NOBODY’S place to tell me how i should or should not lift. unless i’m doing something stupid like this, in which case, please just smack me.

and i know it’s my dad and he just…says things sometimes…but this is a blanket rant to the populus as a whole. if you eat paleo/vegan/healthy/whatever…that’s great. but it’s not your place to “suggest” that your friends and family do the same. (aka, don’t be this chick.) or to make somebody feel like crap for ordering dessert because it’s not “healthy.” (i will save my rant and discussion on “healthy vs. unhealthy” as a dichotomous way to categorize food for another day…) if you work out – awesome. i hope you enjoy it and are getting what you want out of it. but that doesn’t mean you should try and shame your couch potato friend into running with you because they’re “so unhealthy” and they’ll “feel so much better!!” maybe they would. maybe they wouldn’t. but that’s their business.

i lift heavy because it makes me feel like a badass. i run because it clears my head, it’s cathartic…and it makes me feel like a badass. i look completely different that i did six months ago. some people might think i look better; others might think i look “too big” or “too muscular,” and that’s fine – you’re entitled to your opinion. but for the love of all that is pure, please keep it to yourself. i don’t tell you to go load a bar and bench; you don’t tell me to take t easy on the weights and protein.


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impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

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