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in the past week or so – and especially since this post i made yesterday – i have gotten a lot of new traffic and followers (maybe my dad should say unintentionally offensive things more often! no, kidding. but really…). so i thought this would be an appropriate time to say hello and welcome, and to tell you a little bit about myself and what you’re getting yourself into!

if i had to whittle this blog down to main themes, i would say they are: healing after the passing of my mom in january; running; recovery from ACL and meniscus reconstruction in may; lifting; random tales about my work as a music theory instructor and a group fitness (yoga and spinning) instructor.

i don’t post a lot of photos, mainly because i have a DumbPhone without camera capabilities. and really, who carries around a digital camera any more? (answer: not me.)

if you stick around, you will be subject to posts about training for the kentucky derby half marathon, which i will be registering for shortly and running in the spring. it was my last race before my surgery, and it will be my first post-op half. and i will be the most excited to run it again! you’ve been forewarned.

i’m pretty random. and randomly humorous. i eat lots of peanut butter and cottage cheese (not together), drink copious amounts of coffee, and am obsessed with my saucony guide 6s. because really, how could you not love neon pink running shoes? i’m constantly raiding marshall’s for new fitness gear, and i hate wearing jeans.

and i’m random. really random.


Author: jenn

impossible to define; indefinitely impossible. maybe i'll add more here later.

2 thoughts on “wilkommen!

  1. GIRL! I got fitted for new sneaks recently for el Boston Marathon and like it’s totally thrown me off. Not that they’re not comfortable because they totally are. But like THEY’RE DIFFERENT. And for some dumbass reason this made me think of you. Mees you.

    • bahahahaha aww! when i switched to sauconys from my brooks i was weirded out because they were so much lighter, and they have a crash pad in the heel so it kind of felt like i was wearing moon shoes. but i’m obsessed. mees you too lovely!!

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