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no but really with the rain!

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the only time it stopped raining today? the hours i was teaching. -_- and by the time i got done (4:30ish) it wasn’t even worth it to go out and try to fit in a run, because i would have gotten caught in the dark. and all i need is to slip on a wet pile of leaves and re-tear my ACL.

instead, i had a smokin’ lift and forced myself onto the elliptical for 45 sweaty yet still quite miserable minutes. it’s become clear that the only kind of cardio i can bear is outdoor running and the occasional spin class. mer.

2 x 5 @ 95# on bench today, and they both felt really solid. i feel like my 1RM must have increased since the last time i checked it. i benched a huge pyramid today – 10 reps at 45#, 65#, 75#; 8 reps at 85#; 5 reps at 85#; 2 x 5 at 95#; and then back down, only i did 20 reps on the last open bar set.

i also decided to squat today, since i wasn’t going to be running. warm-up complex (10 reps open bar, 10 reps each at 75# and 95#) and then 2 x 8 @ 115# and 2 x 3 @ 125#. the 125s felt awesome – hard, but awesome. my back wasn’t even close to caving like it was on wednesday, and my depth was really good today. after the 125s i did another set of 10 at 95# and a widowmaker (20 reps) at 75#.

it’s supposed to be damn miserable tomorrow – cold and tons of rain – so my interim plan of moving today’s long run to tomorrow will, in fact, fail. and it looks like i won’t be running until tuesday. -_-

it’s good for me though, i know it is. not so much the physical shake-up, but having my Routine (capital R) messed with. this is the kind of stuff that, when i was in the midst of my eating disorder and even when i was working hard on recovery, would send me completely over the edge. curveballs are not my thing, to say the least.

so this will be a good challenge, a good hump to get over. especially since tomorrow i give my kids their final exam at 8am, meaning i literally will only have time in the morning to lift. shoulders and hamstrings and then i need to be out the door. my cardio tomorrow will be lifting faster than usual lol.

tomorrow begins finals week. today was my last sunday in lexington for the calendar year.i cannot believe i survived an entire semester of 4:40am wake-ups, 12- to 14-hour days on campus, surgery rehab, four jobs, and classes. i am so excited for sleep once this week is over.


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