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crashing indiana.

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i got an e-mail this afternoon telling me that my paper has been accepted to Indiana University’s research symposium in february. the paper is based on my master’s thesis, and this will be my first conference presentation! i was accepted to a conference at Florida State last year, but it ended up being the weekend after my mom’s funeral so i had to withdraw my presentation. so while this is my second acceptance, it’s my first actual presentation.

commence panic!

i need to condense my thesis into a 20-minute presentation, for starters. and i have to make it (a) not boring and (b) sound intelligent. because most days i feel like i have slipped under a whole lot of radar and that i’m significantly dumber than my PhD colleagues, and wholly too dumb to be in this program in the first place.

so i have to put my game face on and make this work.

in other news – i took my last cold-weather run for three weeks today. the next time i lace up, it will be in sunny FL, where my dad said it’s been nearly 80 degrees every day. i’ve only run twice this week, but i’m okay with that. my knee feels great, and my tendonitis is barely an issue right now. while i’m in florida i’m hoping to focus on dialing down the pace (i have to keep reminding myself that EVERY run doesn’t have to be fast) and just relaxing, enjoying, and adding some longer mileage.

i also did goblet squats today for the first time since surgery. because guess who can go ATG, even with her new knee? this girl! bam.

my grades are submitted and i got an A on one of my major papers. i’m doing laundry as i type this, and tomorrow night i will pack and get ready for my 6am flight. it’s been real, fall 2012 semester…it’s been real.


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